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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why Should I choose The Capitol Group Property Management?

There are many reasons why The Capitol Group Property Management is your number one choice for property management in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have a team of experienced agents who, after working for other property management groups, decided it was time to offer a property management option that was truly owner-friendly, as well as agent and tenant friendly. By maintaining great relationships with owners, tenants and the real estate community, your experience as a landlord can be more stress-free and your return on investment can be greater.

Not only do they have the expertise to get lease rates at the ceiling of the market, we provide aggressive advertising for each client ensuring the fastest turnaround time to get your house or condo rented, and for top dollar. We advertise your home for rent on over 40 top real estate websites, the Multiple Listing Service (where hundreds of other agents have the opportunity to bring their own rental clients and be paid fairly for it).

How long will it take to rent my property?

It depends on the home's condition, how much you want in rent, and what the local market will support. However, through our aggressive advertising, we can typically place a qualified tenant within 30 days, but it can be a matter of weeks, or even days. If we have a good product (your house) in a desireable location, it's not uncommon for a house or condo to rent much quicker.

How do you determine a rental rate for our property?

Since we specialize in the downtown and Inside the Beltline area we have our finger on the pulse of the market. Between using our own in-house private data, driving the neighborhood, and previous properties that rented in the area, and the specs/condition of your house, we formulate a rental rate that we believe will attract quality tenants in 30 days with a full deposit.

How will my property be shown?

We NEVER give out keys to a prospective tenant to view a home on their own! By advertising your home on the MLS, we ensure that only licensed real estate agents and their clients will have access to your home. Some companies will not allow other agents to show their listings, but we believe it's just common sense that having 1,000 agents who can potentially show your home will get it rented much faster than having 10. Consult with your high school math teacher to see if that adds up!

How do I know you’ll find a qualified tenant?

Once the prospective tenant says; “I want to rent this house,” we employ a third party company that specializes in screening applicants and returns and easy to understand report with a recommendation to approve or not to approve the tenant. Their check includes a credit check, criminal background check and identity verification of every proposed occupant over the age of 18.

How do I get my rent money?

Tenants are made well aware that rent is due on or before the 1st of each month. Under North Carolina law, rent is not late until 12:01AM on the 6th of the month. As long as we have received the rent by the 5th, you can expect to be paid by the 15th of the month. While it may seem hard to believe with all the electronic transactions that banks conduct, a paper check can still take up to 10 days to be returned for non-sufficient funds. We have to allow time for the rent payment to be 100% cleared at the bank before we can pay you.

We do offer free and flexible online rent payment options, which we encourage tenants to use by charging a convenience fee for paying rent by paper check. This helps get rent paid on time more often and helps ensure that you're always paid on time.

Once we have the rent, your payment is made by ACH deposit directly into your bank account. You're able to set up everything necessary to be paid through your Owner's Portal.

How do you keep maintenance cost under control?

We have negotiated discounts with primary maintenance providers. Our maintenance requests are handled by professional, licensed and insured repairmen who get the majority of their business from our company - allowing us to negotiate discounts that the individual owner would not be able to obtain.

For additional cost control, we encourage all our owners to consider maintaining a home warranty. Our preferred provider is American Home Shield. We know their premiums are a little higher than some other companies, but trust us, we've experienced those lower cost companies and don't' think you want that experience.

Will the tenants take good care of my home?

There is always a risk that your tenant will not treat your home as well as you would. In general, though, damages beyond normal wear & tear are the exception.

Can I leave the house partially furnished?

There will be the occasional tenant, particularly in the condo market, that will seek a furnished home - however - as a general rule, a clean and empty home is going to rent the quickest.

Do I need to take care of the lawn?

Tenants typically handle all lawn care and maintenance. We can refer the tenants to several local lawn service companies to make arrangements for themselves, or if both parties agree, we can set a rental rate that includes lawn service and pay the bill from the rent proceeds each month.

Should I cancel my utilities after I move out?

No, make sure to leave the utilities in your name until transferring over to the new tenant when they move in. If you cancel, there is a risk of damage during cold weather (i.e. Plumbing, appliances, sump pumps, damaging pluming, appliances, and it’s a lot more work getting them turned back own as a “new” service under the tenants name.

We are still living in the home, Should we move out, or try to rent while I still live here?

We strongly recommend hat the house be vacant and rent ready at the time the advertising goes out. Statistics show a clean, spacious (no furniture), rent ready home allows the renter to see the home at the spur of the moment and envision the home as their own. Being vacant also allows tenants a quicker move-in date.

Do I have to continue to have homeowners insurance or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

Yes, you should maintain a landlord policy on the property. The tenants can’t carry homeowners insurance since they don’t own the house, but we mandate all tenants to carry renters insurance for personal their belongings. It’s always a good to contact your insurance agent and let them know you're renting the house and make sure you are protected.

I would like to move out of my house within 6 weeks, when should we start the process?

Today. It’s never a good thing to wait until the last minute, especially in today’s current economy. It’s a perfect time to start lining up prospective tenants.

I see other agents rent out homes. How how do you differ from them?

Unfortunately there are many agents and brokerages that have ZERO property management experience and definitely are not specializing in the rental of single family homes. A word of caution: they might not be insured to manage properties.

I’m Ready, what is all this going to cost?

The Capitol Group Property Management has the competitive rates and the most comprehensive service in the city. For covering the initial evaluation, pictures, professional ad, distribution of that ad to over 40 top targeted websites, showings, tenant pre-screening, and document preparation, our rental commission is equal to the first months rent. Our monthly management fee is then a competitive 8% of the gross rent each month.

Is there any other costs to get started?

We ask owners to fund your $300.00 maintenance account for any recurring or anticipated expenses associated with your home (i.e. leaking faucet, faulty light switch, etc.)

What if I still have questions about your property management services?

Simply fill out our Owner Application and we'll contact you to answer any remaining questions you might have.

What if I want to sell my house in Raleigh, NC?

Everyone sells eventually. We have an entire team of agents who specialize in resale homes and condos in our market. If you decide you want to sell your home, or if you want to list your home for sale and rent at the same time, we can accommodate any need. If you were referred to us by another agent, however, you will need to list with that agent unless both you and the agent agree that you do not wish to work together.

I’m Ready… How do I get Started?

Request your no hassle, free residential property management quote by filling out our Owner Application.

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