Why Use a Buyer Specialist?

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Services & Duties Provided Seller Agent Buyer Specialist
Arrange property showings X X
Assist with financing X X
Provide property data X X
Explain forms and agreements X X
Monitor closings X X
Prepare a property value study X X
Provide access to the entire market (listed and unlisted)   X
Promote and protect buyer's best interest; advise buyer   X
Negotiate the best price and terms for buyer   X
Point out reasons not to buy   X
Assist in the offer with buyer's best interest in mind   X
Keep buyer's bargaining position confidential   X
Research property for liens and original purchase price   X
Provide anonymity, if desirable   X
Put the buyer's interest first during the entire buying process   X


Before the invent of the buyer's agent, every agent worked exclusively for the seller. While your buyer specialist will still get paid from the seller's proceeds, the Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement that you will both sign, commits them to representing only your interests in the transaction.

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